What Are The Techniques For Decorating The Walls Of The Hotel Lobby?


What Are The Techniques For Decorating The Walls Of The Hotel Lobby?

In addition to the hotel need to choose a variety of high-end hotel furniture to decorate, in the hotel lobby wall is also very important decoration. Hotel wall decoration style is the hotel taste and characteristics of the performance. Usually the hotel wall decoration will be simple and atmospheric decoration design, but also with modern hotel furniture decoration to let the guests feel physical and mental pleasure, and the hotel’s profound cultural atmosphere.
So what are the hotel lobby wall decoration skills? And small editors together to understand about the hotel lobby wall decoration skills and hotel lobby wall decoration notes related to the content.

What Are The Techniques For Decorating The Walls Of The Hotel Lobby?

First, the hotel hall wall decoration skills are what

1, hotel lobby wall decoration skills, grid-style hotel wall design techniques: in the hotel decoration design facade wall body design, can be designed on the wall similar to a lot of grid wall design, can play the hotel wall art design effect. The design of the frame is ever-changing, with traditional cross-shaped, horizontal, vertical, misspelled. The use of light above, with the thickness of the grid, we can choose the corresponding light source, commonly used with spotlights and LED light belt more ways. In the selection of materials, you can choose acrylic, stone, wood, stainless steel and so on. According to the shape of the lattice can also put the corresponding ornaments on it, such as wood lattice can put some porcelain and other jewelry so that the lattice has classical beauty.
Stainless steel or acrylic plaids can put some modern ornaments to make the walls full of the atmosphere of the times.

2, hotel hall wall decoration skills, flat hotel wall design techniques: for the flat hotel wall design techniques refers to the original wall of the flat design, not outside the wall to do the shape, in the hotel wall to carry out the structure of the design of the plane. Such a design method refers to the wall for the mural design, wallpaper paste, stone paste, a variety of paint finishes, etc. , are called hotel flat wall design. This wall design space simple atmosphere, the way is also very flexible can also make the space has a subversive design aesthetic.
If you want to choose different styles of wall decoration, you can show furniture manufacturers their favorite style requirements.

What Are The Techniques For Decorating The Walls Of The Hotel Lobby?

Second, what are the precautions for the wall decoration of the hotel hall?

1, the wall should mix monotony. Whether large or small apartments, as long as the design is properly designed, the rear wall can produce atmospheric effects, if the back wall area is large, it can be used completely horizontally or vertically. In order to prevent monotony, two or three different materials can be cut and designed, or stereo compositions can be used to reflect the layer.The walls are simple, with colored wallpaper and wall overlays, as long as the colors and patterns fit the style of the living room.

2, the wall is part of the hotel decoration and also needs to be the color control throughout the space color match consistent. There is an emotional saying that if the wall color and background color of the living room can not be coordinated, not only will affect the senses, but also affect the mood. But overall, elegant white, light blue, light green, bright yellow, red, light gold is a good color, too deep and dazzling tone swered people feel heavy and emotional nerves.The decorative colors of the walls can be matched to the hotel furniture of your choice.

About the hotel hall wall decoration skills and hotel lobby wall decoration notes on the content of the introduction here, I hope that after reading this article, we can understand this. If you are interested in dining chairs manufacturers,you can click here. I hope to help you.

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