What Are The Characteristics Of American Wardrobes?


What Are The Characteristics Of American Wardrobes?

Each style of decoration has its own characteristics, and it also has its own characteristics in furniture. American is also a good choice for today’s people, it can give us the feeling of freedom and relaxation. American wardrobes also have their own characteristics. When making choices, we also need to understand clearly. What are the characteristics of American wardrobes? The following small series of decoration houses are introduced to you through the article.

What Are The Characteristics Of American Wardrobes?

First, what are the characteristics of American wardrobes?

1.American-style wardrobes are better designed in the American history of the United States. Your wardrobe contains a deeper past of various cultural elements. They will deepen their wardrobes, emphasizing classical and romantic feelings!

3.American families emphasize practicality everywhere. Almost all American furniture is very practical. For example, there is a unique sewing table that is usually a little longer than a table or large table. The details of the American wardrobe are exquisite. American flowers are so large that you can’t hide their details. For example, the hardware decoration of American flowers is often very elegant.

3, American wardrobe small handle, it can change hundreds of different types, as these tools become more and more complex American style wardrobe. Carefully compare the details of the closet closet in the US and Europe, you can find the coat of the United States that is painted with a single color, gold or other colors.

4.The American wardrobe is very old, but the American wardrobe is more historic than the bright wardrobe. Because of the old craftsmanship, because it puts the original smooth surface of the closet, the cut of the knife is deliberate, it seems to have been used for a long time. Painted lacquer is also the most dull matte color and elastic polished surface is the wish to look older and better in the closet.

Second, how to choose American wardrobe

1.The size of a closet, the size of each manufacturer of the closet is different, sometimes a big difference. When the user defines the entire wardrobe, its hinged door is the only exception that exists 0.6 m, moving the door width in a single enclosure, if the depth is 0.65 m, the installation is usually 0.8 m and the height is 2.2 m. When its clothing seems to avoid polishing the cabinet door or cabinet will be smaller than the size of the stomach.

2.Generally speaking, there are various swinging doors, sliding doors and folding doors on the wardrobe door. The hinge pressure on the revolving door is not as good as the track, so the door panel of the revolving door should not be too wide or too heavy. Sliding doors save space but should not exceed 2.5 meters in height. Do not use the louver door because the closet door must be sealed to prevent contaminants from entering the dirt. The width of the swing door wardrobe is preferably 45 to 60 cm, and the width of the sliding door is 60 to 80 cm.

3, wardrobe drawer layer, the wardrobe between the streets, if the drawer layer is not too large, otherwise the stacked clothes are too high, it is easy to mess with other clothes. You can choose laminates and drawers so they can be pulled out completely, so you can easily access deep-storage items. The individual laminates in the closet can be designed to be activated and can be adjusted at any time as the number of garments increases or decreases.

American wardrobes also have their own characteristics, we also need to understand and then choose more in line with our needs.


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