Tips For The Purchase Of Panel Beds In Hotel Furniture


Tips For The Purchase Of Panel Beds In Hotel Furniture

People’s consumption level, enjoy the concept of life in people’s hearts more and more important, people are willing to travel, travel process, it is essential to choose a high-end hotel furniture hot hotel stay.As a merchant, it is very important to buy luxury hotel furniture to attract consumers.

Hotel furniture, bed is an important component, board bed due to non-deformation, not cracking, affordable characteristics are often used in hotel rooms. Therefore, hotel furniture procurement to learn the correct way to buy board-style beds, can bring more economic benefits to the hotel.

Tips For The Purchase Of Panel Beds In Hotel Furniture

Hotel furniture in the room panel bed purchase tips:

Look at the paint on the surface of the bed. General bed are painted, only a beautiful color. Paint coating is an important standard to test the quality of a bed process. Look at the paint film, can not only look at the general, have to look at small places, such as the corner of the bed, bedside table corner and other corner corner, these places are relatively easy to be ignored, there is no plane good spraying, so the process will be reduced, see here can see the paint film do well.

It is also a place to examine whether the paint film is thick. Look at the bed plate material and environmental protection. The most important thing in choosing a board wood bed is to pay attention to the quality and environmental protection of the plate. Because the board wood bed is made of synthetic wood, including high-density board, medium density board (medium fiber board), particle board and other three categories, of which the highest high-density plate hardness, not easy to crack, moisture resistance is also the best, expensive.

Tips For The Purchase Of Panel Beds In Hotel Furniture

In addition, the environmental protection of materials is also one of the key links that can not be ignored, so that the human body is very good. Look at the skeleton of the bed. When buying, you can use the hand to try to pull down the row skeleton to perceive its elasticity, but also can stand on two rows of skeletons on both feet to measure the weight.

In addition to looking at the thickness and number of platoon skeletons, many platoon skeletons have 26, ordinary 18 to 22 or so. See if the bed has a trademark and a quality assurance letter. Formal manufacturers of the bed are have a warranty and the bed is labeled trademark, the warranty is a voucher. In this way, there is generally a guarantee.

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