The Banquet Table In The Hotel Furniture Should Be Taken Care Of


The Banquet Table In The Hotel Furniture Should Be Taken Care Of

With the improvement of living standards, hotel consumption is a common phenomenon.As the owner of the hotel, reasonable purchase of hotel furniture is very important, in our life can not be separated from the use of hotel furniture. Banquet tables are important furniture for hotel furniture, and hotel iers usually choose luxury hotel furniture to decorate the hotel’s banquet hall. So, do you know how to place the banquet table?

Take the wedding table arrangement as an example, and the dining table at the banquet is well-arranged:

1.It is sufficient for each round dining table to be decorated with a central floral ornament, and if the central flower decoration is larger, the size of the table will need to be increased proportionally to provide guests with sufficient dining space.

2. In addition to the use of flowers, in order to add vitality elements, add beautiful candlesticks, shells and other elements, the table will be because these elements become more spiritual, more vivid.

3.When decorating a square or rectangular dining table, because such a table needs to be well-dressed parts larger than a round table.

The Banquet Table In The Hotel Furniture Should Be Taken Care Of

4. The height of the table decoration should be controlled well, and the flowers too high will block the guests’ sight and hinder the conversation.

The banquet table in the hotel furniture should also be used to pay attention to, in the meeting meal, the table and seat is a problem that can not be ignored. As is customary, the height of the table depends on the distance from the main table position. Right high left low. When the number of tables is large, put the table cards.
Banquet can be used at the round table or long table, a table above the banquet, the distance between the table to be moderate, the distance between the seats to be equal. Group banquets, banquet table arrangement is generally the front or center table as the main table. The specific placement of the table should also be subject to the topographic conditions of the banquet hall. All kinds of banquet table arrangement and seating arrangements should be neat and unified, giving people the overall aesthetic.

The Banquet Table In The Hotel Furniture Should Be Taken Care Of

The concierge order is the main basis for arranging seats. Our country is used to arrange according to the guest’s own position, so that the conversation, such as the lady to attend, usually put the woman in line, that is, the main guest sitting at the top right of the master, his wife do in the hostess’s right top, two tables above the banquet, the other tables the first master’s position is generally the same as the host’s main table position, can also face the main table position. Other factors should also be taken into account when arranging specific seats.

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