Sliding Door Brand Introduction And How To Buy


Sliding Door Brand Introduction And How To Buy

People’s living standards, hotel furniture demand is growing, among them, modern hotel furniture is widely loved by everyone, then what modern hotel furniture?

The banquet hall, which is very common as modern hotel furniture, is beautiful and safe when it is renovated. But there are a lot of brands on the market right now about sliding doors. So the small editor is here today to introduce you to what the top 10 sliding door brands have, as well as sliding door purchase considerations.Interested friends follow the decoration of the house’s small editor to look down.

Sliding Door Brand Introduction And How To Buy

First, sliding door 10 brands have what

1, Fu Xilai In addition to selling push and pull doors, Fu Shilai also produces a variety of antique art doors, door doors, electric doors and stainless steel doors.They have won a number of loyal consumers with high-quality products and good service attitude.

2, to shang doors and windows Since the establishment of the company, the company has been more than ten years. They have been bringing together new and talented technicians and have the latest production equipment.
The quality and appearance of the product sits as the industry leader.

3, solid doors and windows Strong doors and windows are among the first companies in the country to adopt European door and window quality standards.They also introduced Germany’s most advanced production equipment and world-class advanced production lines.

4, Paia doors and windows Paia doors and windows can be said to be the door and window industry’s old brand.The company was founded in 1993, can be said to be engaged in aluminum alloy doors and windows research, development and sales of the oldest brand.

5, Ibo doors and windows Yibo doors and windows are from the German brand. They can be said to be multinational corporations. They are developing very fast.Especially in the past five years, the performance has risen steadily, with strong market competitiveness.

6, Hennessy Hennessy and the production of famous European doors using German imported equipment.Products have reached the international level of advanced technology, trusted by consumers.

7, Royal Doors and Windows The imperial doors and windows not only use the production mode of the assembly line, but also realize the scientific, data, fine, standardized management.It also purchases foreign advanced CNC production equipment, so that products more perfect.

8, Fuos Fuos is a modern enterprise that combines aluminum door research, production and sales.The company also has excellent designers and first-class research and development team.

9, Sao Paulo The doors and windows of Sao Paulo are arguably the first-class manufacturers in the country. They have China’s most advanced dust-free steel column glass production workshop, to meet the needs of consumers, trusted by consumers.

10, Fuxuan doors and windows

Fuxuan doors and windows have been luxury doors and windows products, for their own positioning, only engaged in high-end business, they are specialized in door and window design and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service as one of the enterprises.

Sliding Door Brand Introduction And How To Buy

Second, sliding door purchase considerations

1, thickness The thickness of the sliding door of the glass door core is usually 5mm thick. If it is a sliding door of the wooden gate core, the thickness is 10mm. The best thing to do is to use thinner planks instead of wooden sliding doors. If the thickness is not enough, it will be very flippant when pushed up, it will shake, and the stability will be very poor.Sliding doors are generally installed in banquet halls, which act as banquet furniture, so pay attention to the thickness of sliding doors when buying.

2, paint the surface Manufacturers of large sliding doors can handle their own profiles. The finished product is smooth and delicate, with a clear texture. Small sliding door manufacturers wholesale color profiles from profile factories. The surface is just casually handled.

However, the color is relatively simple, the color of the door type is not interchangeable, the color difference problem is more serious, so it is best to buy a big brand when buying the sliding door. I believe that the introduction of small editor on the sliding door 10 brands we must have understood it. Understand the door and window brand next in the purchase will be more convenient.

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