Pine Wardrobe As Hotel Furniture Purchase And Maintenance Tips


Pine Wardrobe As Hotel Furniture Purchase And Maintenance Tips

Hotel furniture demand is getting bigger and bigger, a hotel’s environmental comfort, hotel furniture has a great impact on the layout of the hotel, so many people will choose luxury hotel furniture.

Pine wardrobe is one of the people in the purchase of furniture, such wardrobe in the quality is very good, very suitable for the use of the room, and when used environmental protection on the body is good, but on the price do not know how much, and how to buy, these are not very understanding, pine wardrobe how to buy?Next decoration home small editor for everyone to introduce, I hope you in the decoration of the hotel when reference.

Pine Wardrobe As Hotel Furniture Purchase And Maintenance Tips

I.How to buy pine wardrobes

1. Pine wardrobe as room furniture pine wardrobe when buying, to see if it matches, but we choose wooden wardrobe must look style, color and home layout style. If the interior design style is European, then you can’t match the rustic wardrobe, otherwise you’ll have a very strange feeling;
If your interior is light in color, you may have a different effect in a dark wooden wardrobe.

2. Pine wardrobe when buying, to see if it is environmentally friendly, but also in addition to the locker, wardrobe is still placed in the bedroom, people sleep at night. Harmful gases from closets can hurt our bodies. Therefore, when purchasing a wooden wardrobe, make sure that “all solid wood has been made.” If not, you should also find out where to use MDF.
Don’t buy without your knowledge.

3. When shopping for pine wardrobes, check the details of the problem, but to purchase a wooden wardrobe, you need to check some details. Check that the material slot sittins at the door is suitable. In the current market, cabinet doors are mainly made of wood, glass, mirrors and other special materials. Consistent with the border, wardrobe doors and frames of the formal brand of material and stripes are the same, some bad wardrobes, the composition of the material are patchwork, similar colors and uneven, height wardrobe should also be checked. In general, the height of the wardrobe should be relatively constant from the height of the ceiling. If it is too high, the upper part may be wet.If it’s too low, it may feel disproportionate.

Pine Wardrobe As Hotel Furniture Purchase And Maintenance Tips

II. How to maintain pine wardrobe

1.Because the pine wardrobe is more natural, so in normal use to avoid direct sunlight, but also away from air conditioning, heating, to prevent the cabinet body cracking, deformation and other phenomena.

2.In daily life should pay attention to maintain ventilation, so as to create a dry, clean environment for the loose wardrobe, because if the room is too humid, wardrobe is easy to be deformed by moisture, which will affect the life of the wardrobe.

3.In addition, in order to extend the life of the pine wardrobe, it is necessary to avoid contact with corrosive liquids, so as not to affect the appearance and quality of the home.

Pine wardrobe in the purchase, in the purchase time do not know how to buy, the above article is about pine wardrobe how to buy.

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