Pick A Few Factors For Curtains In Hotel Furniture.


Pick A Few Factors For Curtains In Hotel Furniture.

Pick a few factors for curtains in hotel furniture. There are many types of hotel furniture.Curtains are an important decoration for luxury hotel furniture.

First, the material of the curtains Purchase needs to be customized, not convenient to return, you have to carefully select. So first explain the material of the curtains.

From the material, the curtains have cotton, hemp, yarn, silk satin, velvet, bamboo, polyester and so on.
Cotton and linen are commonly used curtain materials, easy to wash and replace, moisture absorption, heat resistance, good feel, suitable for the bedroom.

The curtain can enhance the depth of the room, good light transmission, breathability is also good, suitable for living room, floor-to-ceiling windows or floating windows.

Pick A Few Factors For Curtains In Hotel Furniture.

Silk satin and velvet texture is delicate, the price is also high, suitable for light luxury.

Bamboo curtains are generally roll curtains, moisture absorption, cool, durable, and strong shade, very suitable for new Chinese or Japanese style balcony or living room.

Polyester is thick, elastic and wear-resistant are good, stand up will not wrinkle, shade is better, suitable for the bedroom.

Generally speaking, the living room, bedroom and study can choose the same material curtains, in the room furniture, if you do not want to choose a thick material or thin material worry about the curtains, the most appropriate is to choose double-layer curtains, inside a layer is a light material curtains, such as nylon silk, tulle yarn and mesh cloth, the outside layer is a thick material curtains, such as light heart,

Velvet and gold velvet, etc., so that you can easily change the curtains according to the season and weather changes.

Second, the color of the curtains

Living room curtains are best to choose bright colors, this color will make people feel uplifting, easy to create a bright atmosphere, conducive to friends talk and residents work and study, the bedroom is best to choose warm-colored curtains, this color is easy to create a warm atmosphere, conducive to people to rest and sleep.

Pick A Few Factors For Curtains In Hotel Furniture.

Third, the quality of the curtains

After selecting the material and color of the curtains, the owners need to do is to check the quality of the curtains, this needs the owners to check the characteristics of various fabrics before shopping, in the purchase to see if you choose the curtain cloth to meet their previous lyginity, if it is in line with, you can buy.

Four, the size of the curtain

The size of the curtain is not simple as long as it can cover the window, if the length of the curtain is smaller than the width, there will be no good decorative effect, in general, the length of the curtain than the width of the better look, if the window area is very large, then the owner can hang a few slender curtains on this large window,This will look better than hanging a large, wide curtain. Label: bamboo curtains, curtains, floor-to-ceiling windows, windows.

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