Modern Hotel Furniture Towel Rack Brand And Material Introduction


Modern Hotel Furniture Towel Rack Brand And Material Introduction

Hotel decoration effect of a lot of good or bad depends on whether you buy luxury hotel furniture, modern hotel furniture if you can choose correctly, can let more and more customers to hotel consumption, business will be better and better

In the hotel room, we need to buy modern hotel furniture, and a towel rack will be set up in the toilet to facilitate us to store in the bath, but which brand of towel rack is good? Moen, telang and Aztec all have good reviews. When choosing a towel rack, be sure to pay attention to what kind of towel rack is good?

Modern Hotel Furniture Towel Rack Brand And Material Introduction

Which brand of towel rack is good

1, the emperor
Delang sanitary ware (guangzhou) co., LTD., a subsidiary of Hong Kong minbao group, is not only the leading brand of sanitary ware and hardware industry in China, but also the leader of the sanitary ware industry. Delang’s products are elegant and beautiful in appearance, with carefully selected materials and reliable quality.

2, Mr Mohn
Moen is a sanitary ware brand from the United States. Moen is one of the most famous professional manufacturers of high quality faucets, kitchen basins and hardware fittings. Since entering our country, moen has quickly become the favorite of our country’s sanitary market, especially the sanitary hardware accessories have good performance, is one of our country’s well-known towel rack brands.

3, elegant jie
Guangzhou yazhijie decoration hardware co., ltd. was founded in 1994, is a development, production and sales of hardware and sanitary products professional company, specializing in the development and production of hardware and sanitary products, is one of China’s top ten brands of hardware and sanitary ware, one of the most well-known towel rack brands.

Modern Hotel Furniture Towel Rack Brand And Material Introduction

What is the good material of towel rack

  1. Zinc alloy material
    As the material that faces the market earlier appears in door lock hardware, because its material is qualitative can do many medium color, a variety of styles, and design respect also has more choice to win extensive market, its biggest weakness is: material is qualitative more brittle, time grows to be able to have a little rusty spot.
  2. Stainless steel
    As the first choice of the older generation material, because of a lot of kinds of stainless steel, low grade stainless steel will rust, but now the development of science and technology can be done to fake the real degree, to choose the material of 304 above is very difficult, and the price is not cheap. Because stainless steel material is qualitative harder, so design is not much, general stainless steel product is the surface pulls filar form.
  3. Copper material
    As the eldest brother class material first appeared on the market, the biggest advantage of copper material is very strong stability, high density, weight, after electroplating polishing do not flake, do not fade. As the market for raw materials climbs, so do prices. And copper can grow “patina” if left in a damp place for a long time. 4. Copper chrome plating
  4. In order to prevent the contact between copper and oxygen, a layer of metal chromium is plated on the surface. The stability of chromium is very good, and the wear resistance is also very bright, very beautiful. After electroplating, the copper towel rack will not contact with air and will not grow “patina”.

5.Space aluminum
The space aluminium that USES in clean provide at present is aluminium alloy material only, what use with aerospace equipment is having very big difference, sheet is a lot of difference on the price. The hardness of pure aluminum products is poor, and will be black, but after oxidation of alumina products, the hardness has been greatly improved, will not be black, wear resistance is good, alumina products will not rust. But because the environment between wei yu is very damp, towel rack is in daily use if do not have done cleanness to maintain very easy to appear rusty circumstance.

If the towel rack is placed in the hotel room, it is usually used as room furniture, so we need to pay attention to its materials when purchasing. The above is to introduce the modern hotel furniture is the towel rack related knowledge, I hope to help you.

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