Introduction To The Pattern Of Cabinets In Hotel Furniture


Introduction To The Pattern Of Cabinets In Hotel Furniture

To open a hotel, no less hotel furniture shopping. The purchase of high-end hotel furniture can make the hotel layout reasonable, luxurious hotel furniture can attract customers. Cabinets are essential in hotel furniture.Do you know the style of the cupboard?

There are many factors that determine the cabinet style, such as pattern, style, color and so on.Many factors should be considered in all aspects and should be in harmony with other indoor environments.

Kitchen furniture is usually arranged with the kitchen space pattern, the narrow kitchen usually uses the “one” type. This kind of kitchen is generally small in size, cabinet design is relatively simple, as long as the workflow design storage area – preparation area – cooking area can be.In order to facilitate the collection of items, to focus on the inside of the derailment design, the kitchen of the complex items are placed in their place.

Introduction To The Pattern Of Cabinets In Hotel Furniture

“Two” pattern pattern is mostly used in the kitchen has two door space, three work areas constitute a moving triangle, each moving line can not be less than 1.2 meters, can not be greater than 2.7 meters of moving line total in 6.5 meters to 7 meters , the appropriate

“L” pattern is common. It is also a form of convenient pattern in use. If the kitchen is large enough, you may consider placing the refrigerator in it. Because the water fire is too close will cause inconvenience to the operation. So you might as well place the refrigerator and sink on the same side, and place the stove top on the other side, with some operator’s station or storage area interspersed in the middle.Of course, it’s based on the water pipes and patterns in your kitchen.

Introduction To The Pattern Of Cabinets In Hotel Furniture

The U-shaped pattern requires a larger kitchen area and sufficient width. But because the cupboards have two corners, you have to resort to corner cabinets to make full use of the space here. At present, the form of the corner cabinet is also very diverse, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, 360 degrees and pull-out can be configured according to their own needs.To make the kitchen look more holistic, consider embedding the fridge, dishwasher, oven, and even washing machine in the cupboard.

The island pattern is also the open pattern, is a popular design method in recent years. Many families, although the kitchen is not large enough, but it and the living room between the opening, is cooking, dining, guests in the same space.

Such a way of dealing with a very affinity, a family to the dining area as a pre-dinner and after-dinner activity center, so that the cook is no longer lonely, but also to reduce the dullness of labor.

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