How To Set Up The Dining Table Of The Hotel Furniture?


How To Set Up The Dining Table Of The Hotel Furniture?

The hotel is also a popular place for people nowadays, where we will meet or receive our own friends, and it is also a common occasion here. Hotel consumption is very common to contemporary people, so the demand for hotel furniture is very large, in the hotel dining is also the need for a good platform, to buy the modern hotel furniture so that we can show our identity and taste. So, how to set the hotel table? It is also a very important issue for the decoration of our home.The following small editor to introduce.

How To Set Up The Dining Table Of The Hotel Furniture?

First, the hotel table as the modern hotel furniture table should be arranged

1, paved tablecloth: the method of laying tablecloth can be divided into two ways according to the way of travel: push and pull and cast net type.

2. Push and pull When we lay tablecloths, we should choose a tablecloth that fits the size of the table. The staff stood next to the vice-chairman, near the table. The tableclothfolds parallel with both hands, push forward, and then pull back. The tablecloth drum is facing up.
The center seams are facing the right, the main seat, the four corners of the tablecloth and the legs of the table hanging vertically, and the vertical parts of the four corners are equidistant from the ground.

3, paved tablecloth pattern, pattern placed in the middle of the table, tablecloth in the tablecloth completed. When we got the right tablecloth, we stood in the position of the vice-president, folded and lifted the tablecloth in parallel with our own hands, and then cast it in the direction of the first guest. The drum is up, the center line is straight, correct. The master’s seat, the four corners of the tablecloth should be drooping with the legs of the table. The vertical part of the four corners is equidistant from the ground. Statements are not allowed.The pattern and pattern of the tablecloth are placed in the middle of the table.

How To Set Up The Dining Table Of The Hotel Furniture?

Second, hotel table size is how much

1, on the round table. If the furniture in the lobby or banquet hall is square or rectangular, the diameter of the round table can be increased from 150mm. In general small and medium-sized private rooms, such as the use of 1200mm diameter table, often too large, can be customized a 1140mm diameter round table, can also sit 8-9 people, but it seems more spacious. If you use a dining table with a diameter of 900 mm or larger, you can sit on a lot of people, but it’s not appropriate to put too many fixed chairs. For example, a 1200 mm diameter table and eight chairs are very crowded. Can accommodate 4-6 chairs.When there are many people, use folding chairs, which can be stored in the storage room.

2, about the square table. The 760mm x 760mm square table and the 1070mm x 760mm rectangular table are common table sizes. If the chair can reach the bottom of the table, even in a small corner, you can also put a table for six seats. When you’re eating, just pull out some tables. The width of the 760mm bench is standard and not less than 700mm. Otherwise, the table is too narrow to touch each other. The feet of the dining table are in the middle. If the four feet are arranged on the four corners, it is very inconvenient. The tabletop height is typically 710mm and the seat height is 415mm. The table is low, and when you eat, you can clearly see the food on the table.
If you want modern hotel furniture, you can customize the hotel furniture, high-end hotel furniture can give the hotel a good space layout.

3, about the opening and closing table, also known as the extended table, from 900mm square table or 1050mm diameter round table to 1350-1700mm (various sizes) long table or elliptical table, suitable for small and medium-sized units for a long time. This table has been popular since the 15th century and is 500 years old.Round table as banquet furniture, should be careful when shopping

This is a very popular table. Hotel table is also a certain skill, must be in the master, but also to help us better. Thank you for reading the small article. If you would like to continue to learn about modern hotel furniture, stay tuned for us.

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