The Banquet Table In The Hotel Furniture Should Be Taken Care Of


The Banquet Table In The Hotel Furniture Should Be Taken Care Of

In hotel furniture, in the hotel kitchen more and more widely used, among them, cabinets as a kind of hotel furniture, its use is very important, therefore, the hotel owner will choose high-end hotel furniture, and facilitate the future hotel furniture reasonable mix and use.

So, in the selection of hotel furniture kitchen cabinets should pay attention to what room?

The Banquet Table In The Hotel Furniture Should Be Taken Care Of

1. The basic material configuration of each cabinet. At present, the selection of cabinets in the immature stage of the brand, mainly depends on the configuration of materials and process levels. Here we mention the relationship installation of important components , these two parts in the cabinet are relatively hidden parts, but the lifting code in the installation process can guarantee the strength and can adjust the cabinet body level and vertical ability, the cabinet body load and future door panel adjustment has special significance,Therefore, this installation method should become the installation standard of the cabinet.

2.See the cabinet company’s quotation, pay attention to the standard configuration and optional parts, conditional should be asked for the price list of optional parts, pay attention to the price calculation part, please guide not vague and not in the quotation.If it is not clear how to ask again, do not make a hasty decision, resolutely safeguard their own interests.

The Banquet Table In The Hotel Furniture Should Be Taken Care Of

3 .The professional standard of designers and guide. Cabinet is a system of engineering, need professional staff for your service and consulting. A qualified professional cabinet designer can create a good kitchen culture for you while understanding your needs. Instead, a designer who doesn’t know the kitchen environment or has no training. Then your troubles are just beginning. Your kitchen plan should be communicated with the designer and the guide before setting the schedule to see if their proposal is reasonable and professional? Is it consistent with certain laws of life? Picking cabinets is not only in picking products but also in picking services. Perfect service can be the quality and style of the cabinet reflected in the hotel.

4.Cabinet quality details, in the selection of cabinets, should pay attention to the details of the cabinet, such as the door panel seal, the cabinet body is strong, plate connection, door and drawer switch feel. The horizontal and vertical gaps in all door panels and drawers are straight.


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