How To Choose Hotel Furniture? Hotel Furniture Brand Introduction!


How To Choose Hotel Furniture? Hotel Furniture Brand Introduction!

Hotel furniture believes that everyone will not be unfamiliar, so there will be many people who will use this kind of furniture. When choosing, not only must we work hard on the style, but also strictly control the quality. Next, Xiaobian will take it with you. Let’s take a look, how to choose hotel furniture? And what are the hotel furniture brands? I hope the following introduction will help everyone.

How To Choose Hotel Furniture? Hotel Furniture Brand Introduction!

First, how to choose hotel furniture

1.How to choose hotel furniture and look at the appearance quality. The custom appearance quality of hotel furniture first requires the level of furniture countertops, fine workmanship, exquisite decoration and clear and beautiful texture. Indoor furniture usually uses thin wood, wood veneer and three-layer plywood as the cladding, and is based on particleboard, medium density fiberboard, block, laminate and the like. Due to the different material properties of the substrate and cladding materials, they do not pay attention to the nature of the material and the correct method of use, which usually results in plate bending.

2, hotel room furniture is mainly used for joint furniture, fixed furniture, ordinary structural panels, wood screws, hardware connectors and glue. When using this material, please pay attention to the various material properties. If the nails of the particleboard and MDF are not properly fixed, do not use parts that require frequent activities or require strong nails. Rail screws are easy to loose and sound. Special attention should be paid to the hardware and frame walls of the bed net, or wood should be used instead of steel bars.

3, we should not use the mirror to make sliding doors of large wardrobes, glass tables should not have sharp angles, should be polished wrought iron decoration to remove iron thorns. Make sure that the distance between the stairs and the top surface does not touch the head and stairs. To protect your vision, the choice of security doors and windows must be brand-oriented and durable. A range of design protection measures ensure safety.

How To Choose Hotel Furniture? Hotel Furniture Brand Introduction!

Second, what are the hotel suite furniture brands?

1.Golden Phoenix Furniture (International) Group is a large multinational furniture group co-founded with Italian furniture manufacturers, integrating design, R&D, production and sales, focusing on luxury hotel furniture, villa furniture, aviation furniture, cruise furniture and Venue office decoration materials.

The ultra-modern production base has more than 2,500 professional and technical personnel, more than 280 national patented technologies, imported equipment and 10,000 square meters of super-large furniture. The exhibition hall and R&D center are at the forefront of the industry.

2.Guangdong Yabo (Hotel) Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. It is a furniture supplier integrating design, production, sales and service. It is dedicated to hotels, apartments, villas and clubs. Based on the advantageous areas of the Pan-Pearl River Delta, hotel furniture is the core pillar industry, adjacent to the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region, facing the international market.

In the above article, Xiaobian mainly introduces you to the content of the hotel, how to choose hotel suite furniture? And what are the hotel suite furniture brands? Will it help you?

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