Hotel furniture Refrigerator Purchase Tips And Cleaning Notes


Hotel furniture Refrigerator Purchase Tips And Cleaning Notes

In hotel furniture, refrigerator is the hotel can not be separated from the furniture electrical appliances, it brings a lot of convenience to everyone’s life, hotel furniture quality requirements are constantly improving, because there are many things in the hotel need to freeze.

Therefore, the purchase of luxury hotel furniture is every hotel owner should pay attention to.The refrigerator brand in the market gradually increase, so people in the choice of refrigerator sidoning generally do not know how to do, so before decoration should know more about the relevant know, refrigerator shopping what skills, refrigerator cleaning and what should pay attention to, today small editor to and everyone to understand.

Hotel furniture Refrigerator Purchase Tips And Cleaning Notes

I. Refrigerator shopping tips

1. Check the certificate: counterfeit, miscellaneous refrigerator generally no body number, did not indicate the factory name, factory site, low-tech assembly, general appearance of rough production, imperfection of function, indicators are not qualified.
In the purchase of refrigerators, should buy the national fixed-point refrigerator manufacturers, hanging well-known refrigerators, these manufacturers of refrigerators generally more reliable quality, after-sales service is more secure.

2.Inside the inspection box: open the door to see its inner cavity, plastic inner bile has cracks, whether the door opens and closes is flexible, whether there is an odor in the plastic box, etc.

3. Check the operation: after power, check whether the compressor operation is balanced and uniform.
When the surrounding environment is quiet, from the front of the refrigerator 1 meter, can not hear the obvious compressor operation sound, and press the hand on the refrigerator board, only a slight vibration.

4.Check refrigeration: after turning on the power supply, the temperature controller to the strong cold point position, all electrical components are working normally,5 minutes later, touch the condenser by hand should have a feeling of heat.

Hotel furniture Refrigerator Purchase Tips And Cleaning Notes

II.Refrigerator cleaning precautions

1. Refrigerator as the kitchen furniture in the hotel, it needs to regularly clean the refrigerator at least twice a year.
Clean the refrigerator should first cut off the power supply, with a soft cloth on the water or utensils to wash the cleanser, gently scrub, and then clean water will be wiped off the cleaning.

2.In order to prevent damage outside the box coating layer and plastic parts inside the box, do not use washing powder, decontamination powder, talcum powder, alkaline detergent, Tiana water, boiling water, oil, brush and other cleaning refrigerator.

3. When the attachment in the box is dirty and dirty, remove it and clean it with water or detergent.
Apply a dry cloth wipe to the surface of the electrical part.

4.Clean finished, plug the power plug firmly, check that the temperature controller is set in the correct position.

5.When the refrigerator is not in use for a long time, the power plug should be unplugged, the box should be wiped clean, to be fully dry in the box, the box door closed.

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