Hotel furniture – kitchen equipment purchase tips


Hotel furniture - kitchen equipment purchase tips

Hotel kitchen equipment is very important, the purchase of good modern hotel furniture will be related to the comfort of cooking, the hotel is the place to receive everyone’s dining, the kitchen equipment of the hotel furniture is very important, the hotel furniture is fully equipped, so that it can be better For everyone’s service, the purchase of hotel kitchen equipment is very important at this time, then everyone knows how to choose the hotel kitchen equipment? Today, editor will take a look at the hotel kitchen equipment purchase skills and purchase points.

Hotel furniture - kitchen equipment purchase tips

I.Hotel kitchen equipment purchase tips

1.Shop as needed. Choose kitchen equipment, choose the corresponding kitchen equipment for different types of food, and know the best for kitchen equipment that is not commonly used, and buy it as needed. The quality of the dishes is high, the dishes are fine, and the passenger flow is relatively large. Try to choose large brand equipment.

2, according to the frequency of use to buy. Frequently used, you must choose a large brand of durable, such as the use of faucets frequently, meat and vegetable fruit cutters, saw bone machines, pools, grease traps, etc. It is recommended to choose quality-assured brand products to prevent frequent failures. . The lighting kitchen equipment uses practical and durable lamps. If the quality of the selected equipment is too poor, even if the purchase cost is low, the subsequent maintenance premium is relatively higher, which is not worth the loss.

3, according to convenient, hygienic purchase. Stainless steel equipment is currently used in restaurant and kitchen equipment purchases because stainless steel kitchen equipment is easy to clean and durable. Commonly used stainless steel is available in 201 and 304 models. 201 stainless steel has certain corrosion resistance and relatively poor workability, and is suitable for use in equipment and components that are subjected to heavy loads and have low corrosion resistance requirements. Type 304 is resistant to 800 ° C high temperature, corrosion resistance, toughness and easy processing. It is a nationally recognized food grade stainless steel. 201 is cheaper than the 304 model, you must grasp the price scale to buy.

4, according to space to buy. When purchasing kitchen equipment, you should choose the size of the kitchen. If the size of the equipment is too large and the power is too high, it will give you the feeling of “killing the chicken with a knife”. The equipment selected is too small and has too few functions to meet the demand and affect the operating efficiency. The mismatched size affects the kitchen space and the aesthetics of the kitchen.

5, according to performance to buy. In addition to fire prevention, kitchen equipment in restaurants and restaurants should also meet the needs of the human body and the habits of operation when considering the use of kitchen equipment. Avoid too many sharp designs to protect people’s use.

Hotel furniture - kitchen equipment purchase tips

II, the hotel’s kitchen furniture purchase points

1, the principle of hygiene Kitchenware should have the ability to resist turbidity, especially to prevent the turbid foods such as cockroaches, mice, ants, etc., in order to ensure the inherent quality of the entire kitchen. At present, the cabinets on the kitchen products market in Yunnan have been completely sealed with anti-smashing strips. This technology can effectively prevent food from encountering turbidity.

2, the operation of the kitchen should have a reasonable process, therefore, in the design of kitchen supplies, high-end hotel furniture can be arranged according to the correct process, it is very important for future use. Then the height of the cooktop and the position of the hanging cabinet directly affect the ease of use.

3, luxury hotel furniture can meet the ergonomic principles and kitchen operating procedures of the kitchen. Regulation 4: Aesthetic Principles Kitchenware not only stipulates the shape and color, but also has a long-lasting nature. Therefore, it is easy to prevent turbidity and good cleaning performance. This stipulates that the surface material has good resistance to oil stains and smoke fumes. The ability to keep the kitchen items clean for a long time.

4, the principle of beauty, hotel kitchen equipment not only requires styling, color pleasing to the eye, and must have durability, so it is required to have easier anti-pollution, good cleaning performance.

Kitchen equipment is very important for every restaurant. In order to ensure the quality of the products when you choose, everyone needs to know how to choose. The above is the selection of hotel kitchen equipment and tips for Xiaobian. The purchase point is over here.

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