Classification Of Nightstand In Hotel Furniture


Classification Of Nightstand In Hotel Furniture

The level of enjoyment, hotel consumption is a common phenomenon of people.Hotel furniture demand in today’s life is very large, generally in the choice of hotel furniture will buy high-end hotel furniture, so that it can appear that the hotel has a grade, can enhance the hotel style.

I believe that many friends have stayed in the hotel, room furniture there will be hotel nightstand, hotel nightstand can be guests to place some things, very convenient, then we know what the hote nightstand?

Today, the small editor for you to introduce the hotel nightstand classification.

Classification Of Nightstand In Hotel Furniture

Hotel bedside table – single-level drawer bedside table

Can display jewelry, the ability to receive is also good, and according to the actual needs, but also turned into a small TELEVISION cabinet, the price between 300 yuan to 2000 yuan. At the same time, the scope of bedside tables is also gradually expanding, some small coffee tables, tables turned into a new landscape of the bedside.

Hotel bedside table – open bedside table

There is no closed storage box, but there is an exposed display rack.With solid wood to make a curved shape, a red and white two colors of contrast, than the traditional square bedside table a little more “feminine” and fashion sense.

Hotel bedside table – tea table bedside table

Matte glass and metal-encased bunk coffee table, placed next to the bed, is small and modern.The lower layer of the coffee table can push the space under the bed, while the upper level is parallel to the edge of the bed, which is very convenient and practical.

Hotel bedside table – stool bedside table

It is called this because it adds the function of a stool to the bedside table.The upper and lower two levels can be separated, the upper level is the wooden bedside table of the storage box, the lower layer is the leather square, remove the storage box, it becomes a low stool in front of the bed.

Hotel bedside table – set-top

In fact, it is a set of platinum-adhesive coffee table, but placed at the end of the bed has a different taste, it appears gorgeous style.Can put one, can also be large, medium and small three together with, very suitable for European classical style home.

Classification Of Nightstand In Hotel Furniture

Hotel bedside table – rattan table bedside table
The biggest feature of this bedside table is its material and shape, the base of the table is triangular shape, extended up three wooden brackets, holding a rich rattan table, adding a little natural, a little fun to the bedroom.

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