Choose The Right Table Cloth To Match Hotel Furniture


Choose The Right Table Cloth To Match Hotel Furniture

Hotel furniture demand in today’s life is very large, generally in the choice of hotel furniture will buy high-end hotel furniture, so that it can appear that the hotel has a grade, can enhance the reasonable layout of the hotel.

Table cloth is as a hotel furniture indispensable, table cloth purchase is also very important, then, you know how to choose table cloth with hotel furniture?

1.According to the shape of the table to choose the corresponding table cloth:

Table cloth is used with the table, so when with table cloth, first understand what shape it applies to the table, such as: rectangular table can be laid with rectangular tablecloth, the upper layer with two square tablecloths, staggered mats covered on the tabletop; , the upper layer is then laid a small square tablecloth or change the direction of the tablecloth, right angle to the middle line of the table, so that the table cloth under the triangular pattern; In particular, the table cloth in the hotel must always keep it clean.

Choose The Right Table Cloth To Match Hotel Furniture

2. Pay attention to the fabric matching of tablecloths:

Plastic tablecloth color is also relatively single, but not environmentally friendly, general hotel restaurants are best not to use; Is a good choice of soft decoration, and its anti-dirty, easy to clean, easy to carry, oil-resistant, waterproof, long service life, not easy to fade, color loss and so on, is a good choice of modern hotel restaurants.

Choose The Right Table Cloth To Match Hotel Furniture

3.According to the occasion with the appropriate table cloth

Table cloth is also an occasion, such as some formal banquet occasions, to choose a better texture, falling sense strong, more elegant color tablecloth, appear generous, inclusive, so that exquisite tableware completely become the main character of the table; And the color of the environment can affect people’s mood when eating, this we must pay attention to the table cloth and the entire restaurant environment. In general, the most suitable for use is orange, mainly in bright, light tones.

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